Digital compositions of found images on the internet.
All collages are created by 3D chosen images that are composed and modified into a new approach changing its original context. By altering the initial intent of copying reality which 3D usually does, these new compositions brings back its fictional and non-realistic purpose. Each collage is then printed on canvas giving a pictorial look, which brings back a question of creation and origin. 
We question ourselves on the creation of the image, on the appropriation of something that doesn't belong. The moment it's transformed from its original composition it loses its essence. We question the rights of creating over something that already exists, created by others. FEED ME feeds itself from digital content found in the WEB to go back to the idea of collage. Based on the DADAISM’S statement on which it invites us to create what's been created, to build with what's already been made and communicate with languages already spoken.
This ongoing project created in 2017, makes part of the graphic content used for my studio’s Instagram profile @bitacora.co. It creates a digital dialog where such platform is hacked to become the ultimate exquisite cadaver, trademark of the artistic movement named above. 

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